Asus X75A TY183H 17.3-inch Laptop (Black) – (Intel Core i5 3230M 2.6GHz, 6GB RAM, 750GB HDD, Windows 8)

7 August, 2014 - Comment


Ramanath Bhat says:

Toshiba A great value for price. So far, I ve been able to multi-task with heavy duty work on this machine with ease!Highly recommend ( Especially with the 75

Anonymous says:

The laptop itself is of a good quality and the hardware that was provided was as powerful as needed. With the software side of the laptop this is where the laptop falls down in my opinion. It comes with bloatware out the a** and simply accessing the bios is unnecessarily hard. The Keyboard is OK as the F1-12 keys are hidden over unnecessary shortcuts and the FN key is needed to access them.I wanted to buy this laptop for potable use and light gaming and on this regard it held up…

Anonymous says:

The laptop is very good, fuctional (once all the Windows 8 updates are done) with a nice keyboard and good sounds from the speakers and a very clear display.The keypad is poor, as it has shortcuts built into it with no concievable way to turn them off and so make moving the mouse a pain as you can suddenly switch to a new window without meaning too, and it is very fustrating.The McAffe provided is useless and constantly pops up about renewing membership despite trying to…

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